How Will I Benefit?


Anterior blepharitis* is a chronic inflammation of the eyelid margin. It is extremely common worldwide, and has been said to be the most common condition eyecare professionals see in their practices. As well as inflammation, anterior blepharitis also has typical symptoms of irritation, a burning sensation, foreign object sensations, tearing, and dry eyes. Many patients will also complain of their eyelids being stuck together when they wake up. Anterior blepharitis involves the anterior lid margin and eyelashes, and is associated with staphylococcal infection or Demodex mite infestation.

While symptoms of this disorder are unpleasant by themselves and in some cases debilitating, they can also lead to more serious, sight-threatening conditions if left untreated; blepharitis for example, can lead to conjunctivitis and permanent lid margin changes, such as meibomian gland dropout, marginal keratitis, corneal neovascularization, and cicatricial eyelid changes.

You Clean Your Teeth Every Day – What About Your Eyelids?

There is commonality between eyelid health and dental health. Most people clean their teeth at least daily, and they also schedule regular dental screenings by their dentist and dental hygienist who can identify early problems or gum disease. It is also routine for your dental hygienist to educate you on the importance of maintaining healthy, clean teeth and gums during the process of cleaning your teeth with proper the appropriate equipment in their offices.

Routine Hygienic Care Should Be Applied to Your Eyelids!

Proper eyelid hygiene is considered to be a preventative measure to maintain overall eyelid health including the routine of massaging of the eyelids - which is well accepted in the management of many eyelid disorders.

Regular eyelid cleansing, is a well-established part of the treatment of anterior blepharitis, but also has benefits for other pathologies as well. According to the National Institute of Health, the effective removal of crusts around the eyelid margin reduces the possibility of bacterial infection that not only contributes directly to anterior blepharitis, but also has a deleterious effect on meibomian gland function. In addition, cleansing, done in combination with massage of the eyelid, has many benefits to patients suffering from anterior blepharitis.

The AB Max’s advanced patented PULSE technology gently massages the outer eyelid margins while it effectively cleans all of the scurf, debris and bacteria off of your outer eyelid margins - providing a much more comfortable experience!


*Anterior Blepharitis is Blepharitis on the front edge of the eyelid where the eyelashes join it..